The enormous global interest in this electric car company forced Tesla to start looking beyond the borders of the United States and build a new production plant in one of the European countries. One of the strongest candidates is Slovakia, with its experience in car manufacturing and at the same time ideal conditions for rapid expansion of electromobility throughout Central Europe. The GreenWay Operator too claims its share on this since it is, together with its partners, building an extensive network of charging stations across the country. Tesla is certainly aware of what its potential arrival into Slovakia could bring and what, in turn, it would be able to offer. And it is a lot.

Tesla is currently negotiating the possibility of building the largest manufacturing factory in Europe with the representatives of Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency SARIO and the Ministry of Finance. Should a mutual agreement be reached, Tesla would build in Slovakia a factory with an annual production of 160 thousand electric cars, which is almost one fifth of the total number of cars that are produced in the country in one year. Of course it is necessary to add that Slovakia will have to fight for this massive investment from American Tesla with other countries in the region. However, it has several aces up its sleeve. Electromobility is not a foreign concept in the country thanks to companies involved in the development and construction of key infrastructure of charging stations. Slovakia is in this direction already directly linked with virtually all of Western Europe. This factor may therefore also be important for Tesla, since it demonstrates that electromobility has a wide open door in Slovakia.

But one should also realise what Tesla may in addition to manufacturing bring to Slovakia. In addition to new jobs it is likely that the company will be interested in the individuals and companies that can help in its business development and the massive deployment of electromobility. In the running are therefore not only universities but also private firms such as GreenWay, with their own extensive know-how in the field. It is therefore to be expected that Slovakia will not be just another Tesla’s production hall, but experts in the country will be able to directly take part in the research and business development. And that is a lot!